Mary Beth

“I have friends now, too.”
Mary Beth

It’s a powerful statement. But Mary Beth doesn’t just have friends—she makes sure her friends have friends. As a tremendous hostess, Mary Beth loves to entertain at her home, where she lives independently since her mother passed away in 2013. An excellent cook who makes a mean hamburger, Mary Beth has people clamoring to go over for a visit.

“The Community Living Support and Life Skills Program has had a huge impact on my sister’s life,” says Mary Beth’s kid sister, Robin. “She takes pride in her independence and abilities. I’ve never known her to be so happy and self-assured. It’s amazing what friends can do to enhance your quality of life, whatever your age or situation.”

With help from her supports coordinator, Liz, and CLS staff member, Debbie, Mary Beth maintains her home, prepares menus, shops, cooks and manages her health and medications as well as takes care of all the everyday things required for a household. Mary Beth experiences new places, meets people in the community and is living happier than ever before.

The new friends Mary Beth made and continues to make through the Life Skills Program get together a couple times a week to have some fun. Mary Beth discovered she has a passion for making pottery as well as attending the summer music events around town (she prefers blues to jazz, by the way).

Robin and Mary Beth continue to enjoy family traditions, vacations and holidays together, as well as hone their lifelong relationship on a near-daily basis.