When helping a person with a developmental disability, the first thing we need to do is know we’re giving the appropriate, individualized support a person needs.

Through supports coordination, social workers determine exactly what those needs are, and we can then enact our services.

Our administrative, professional, support and direct-care staff members know how important it is to live independently as an adult, which is why we all work in concert to give each of our persons served the best resources available to make that happen.


Thresholds Goals

• Guide, supervise and train a person in living the life he or she chooses in as many ways as possible.

• Assist and support a person in the specific challenges they face as they work toward their fullest potential.

• Give access to the mainstream community life and living experiences appropriate to a person’s interests, choices and abilities.

• Coordinate the necessary support for a person to participate in the community, attend school or go to work.

• Treat each person as an individual with dignity and respect.