Day of Caring

“Our residents were thrilled to have a new outdoor living area.”
Robin Deerfield 

One of the first things noticeable at the Thresholds Villa East Group Home is the beautiful ground-floor deck. Built in 2013 through a collaboration with United Way and Steelcase, the deck gets plenty of use by residents, who do everything from throwing barbecue dinners to taking a relaxing breath of fresh air.

“The Day of Caring brought Steelcase and United Way to one of our homes for a day, donating their time and expertise to create something special for our residents,” said Robin Deerfield, director of residential services with Thresholds. “Our residents were thrilled to have a new outdoor living area at their home, and we all appreciate the hard work of Steelcase and United Way.”

After Steelcase engineers designed the deck, it was then built using materials supplied by Thresholds. Any chance to have something designed and built by some of the best engineering minds in the world is one that must be taken. Dozens of Steelcase employees from a number of departments built most of the deck on a sunny September morning, finishing the project on their own time three days later.

Once the construction of the deck was complete, landscaping and a fresh coat of stain were added. These finishing touches were just what the deck needed to provide the residents of Thresholds another unique and enjoyable living area at their home.

With the help of United Way and Steelcase, Thresholds’ Day of Caring was a lot of fun for its residents, who now have a beautiful deck and another reason to spend time together.